Tuesday, September 20, 2011


They say "talk is cheap", when in reality talk might just cost you everything. If all you have is talk, you lose your potential; you limit yourself to mere words when you could have filled actions.

Find shoes. big ones. step into them and walk around for a little, try to make your feet grow.

Fear should never be a reason for anything.

Sometimes you'll find that you knew the answer all along, but you still had to wait for someone to tell you. There were signs on every corner and you just didn't take the time to read them.

You know yourself best, so take your own advice.

Windows and doors always open and close but they don't coordinate. You might find yourself in a sealed room on occasion. Take that opportunity to enjoy the silence.

Sometimes you trip up the stairs, so don't be afraid of falling, in any direction.

Why? Why not?

Consider yourself lucky.

Be passionate, passionate to the point of insanity, passionate to the point of tears and most importantly, passionate to the point of action.

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