Saturday, May 19, 2012

"Everything is AMAZING, and nobody is happy"

They say that living in Provo, UT is like being inside of a bubble.  That's not really a good thing, seeing as we aren't talking about soap bubbles or bubble gum, but it's a bubble nonetheless, a very small suffocating bubble, one that I quite often find myself enclosed in, and I can't quite remember how long I've felt trapped.  But when I come to this realization, notice my complacent captivity in this mythical sphere of fake blondes, misperceived perfection, and deceiving superficiality, I have to make a dramatic escape.  It took me an hour and a half to travel from Salt Lake City, Utah to Oakland, California; that's it, a cat nap (in honor of my roommates infatuation for cats) and a few chapters in my book and I had traveled out of this bubble and into a surreal weekend.  Sometimes I don't feel like I'm really living my own life, sometimes it takes me a moment to take a breath and realize that everything around me IS amazing and that I should be happy.  That realization makes me smile because I am happy.  And sometimes one just needs to step out of their bubble, take a little vacation, and see that their is life outside of Provo.
And when I did this, I found myself in a whole different world.  I found myself in the middle of a brand new city to explore and found myself in love with it.  I found myself in a car full of hipsters listening to European electronica.  I found myself taking a deep breath of crisp and humid ocean air after splashing through frigid waves.  I found myself laughing, uncontrollably at everything.  I found myself watching a movie about super heros.  I found myself sitting out under the stars with a best friend, talking about everything and anything.  I found myself comfortable, relaxed, happy.  And then I found myself back in Provo, back in the bubble, back to work, back to reality.  But it's nice to realize every once in a while that even living in a bubble, even sometimes letting myself be content in that bubble, I'm not stuck.

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