Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pour Your Heart and Soul into the Pavement

run for power.
run for strength.
run for clarity.
run for freedom.
run for opposition.
run for rejuvenation.
run for purpose.
run for joy.
run for focus.
run for pain.
run for dedication.
run for inspiration.
run for life.

I run for a lot of reasons.
I run because it makes me feel free.
I run so that that I can eat whatever I want.
I run because it empowers me.
I run because I can.
But mostly I run because running is simple. I slide my brace up over my bruised knee, pull on un-matching socks, lace my shoes, plug in my headphones and run. I run to see where the streets and my shoes will take me. I run to see how long and how hard I can push myself. It requires every once of focus and not a single thought. I run when I'm up and when I'm down. And it doesn't matter what I am when I leave, I always return exhausted.
Running is a mind game. But, it forces me to listen to myself. to be honest with myself. I have to come to know myself well, to recognize when to push myself harder and when to take a break. To discern between my body telling me to slow down and my mind telling me to stop.
Running has been my teacher. The beauty of a run is the momentum built by self-motivation. If doesn't matter what has driven you to run, you have to keep running for yourself. Nothing can keep you going unless you want to. You have to want it, work it, push it, own it.completely. and it's yours; the next step, the next block, the next mile, the next route. It's all you. What else in life is like that? everything. and therefore I have everything to learn.
Running is beautiful and hideous. It's elegant and unrefined. It's straightforward and complex.
But all the opposition cancels out: Running lets me release everything, good or bad, and just be.

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