Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I'm not a blogger.

Today I remembered why I am not a blogger. I don't know what to blog about! I guess my life just isn't exciting enough, I don't have any really great stories to tell... But there are a few things that I have discovered this week:
Every other business in town is advertising that they need help and yet, no one is hiring.
I live 2/3 of a Kesha song away from the gym and that includes waiting at the cross lights. it's blissful.
That dark cloud hovering above my head, it's has been there all week. It only rains when I have to go outside.
I wake up in the morning and instead of feeling like P. Diddy, I just feel tired.
My roommate redecorates the walls everyday. and I have yet to have something fall down.
When I play the guitar, it's not always obvious what I am doing.
Red John makes mistakes. One day, Jane will catch him.
I almost enjoy speaking in public.
Bestfriends come and go. When they leave the impact that they had on your life never changes.
Complete strangers can be inspiring.
Christmas lights make any time of year feel like Christmas.
I should have been a boyscout or a sailor. I like ropes and tying knots. (not in any metaphorical way)
You'll miss what's right in front of you if you look too far ahead.
Mexican food works for any meal of the day. mexicans (:
The testing center has weird hours in the spring and summer.
Sometimes there aren't explanations, things just are.
There are plus size clothing stores. They don't carry size twos. (But how are you suppose to know this until you embarrass yourself by asking...)
A girl can get herself out of any awkward situation by laughing. I'm so glad I'm a girl.
G-mail is brilliant, far surpasses my own intelligence.
A snickers bar may just get you out of a sticky situation.
and blogging is bizarre.

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  1. Clarrrrrra, I LOVE this!!! Red John & Jane, Kesha, gmail.... you are a WONDERFUL blogger--keep doing it!!! I diligently stalk you. I have a feeling we're going to be best friends this year. Maybe I should look into Canyon Terrace.....