Monday, June 20, 2011


The only good thing about today is the fact that I am wearing the most comfortable pair of pants I've ever had constricting my leg movements. seriously. And that's saying something, because if there's anything I dislike more than pants, it's wearing them. Anyone that knows me knows that I prefer to dance around without them. Not in any scandalous way, let me assure you. You try wearing nothing but skirts for 3 months strait and then tell me your thoughts about trying to squeeze your chunky legs into two tight tubes better known as pantalones. We all know that when I came back from Africa I couldn't even fit into my pants, and that is when the once beautiful relationship was over and we went our separate ways. So, I continue the blissful freedom of flowing skirts and loose athletic shorts. Even now, I wake up in the morning and groan to my roommate, "do I have to wear pants?" Yes she replies, "pants are always a necessity." I rarely take her advice. But, she loves wearing pants. I can't explain how we ended up the perfect roommates when we have such fundamentally different views.
Well dear roomie, you should be very proud of me for wearing pants today and enjoying it.
It must mean that today was just one awful day, or these are some very amazing pants.

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