Friday, July 1, 2011

You do the Math

I've done nothing but math now for 2 weeks straight. No really, that's not a gross exaggeration. I'm pretty sure I could bleed Calculus functions and their limits as h approaches 0, wherever h came from. And therefore, I feel that my life has turned into nothing by mathematical equations. Literally.

mathlab = newhome

7 credit hours + Summer plans = cancelled plans

Last Sunday of the month = Committee meeting + Home Teaching + Visiting Teaching + "talks" - Sunday afternoon nap

jammin' with the roommies = no homework + too much fun

hero + sidekick - school = band

Jonathan Jones + The Velour = 1 perfect night

piecewise function:
me + Xtacos = Taco Tuesday Success if X<4
=1 really long run if X>4

my bank account - $212.48 = harness, climbing shoes, reverso, automatic locking carabiner, chalk bag, and chalk

My nap time + ((roommate) (smartphone)) = Facebook photo album

y= fun^x where x is all real numbers >100. If you know what y is.

(Tuesday + Thursday) - Patrick Jane < Tuesday + Thursday + Mentalist

me + guitar + sunshine = bliss

1 day climbing - harness + webbing = bruises

My limit as x -> of mathx = 0

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  1. Okay, this is EPIC. BEYOND cool. Seriously, you are my HERO for this. I LOVE it!!!! Ingenious.