Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Here's to 2011

It wouldn't be New Years without a little past-year reflection. 2011 was quite a year, maybe not the best year of my life thus far, but a pretty good one nonetheless. How could I sum up such a year in a mere blog post. Well I'm a Vermonter, and Vermonters are survivors, of darkness, long winters, and one devastating hurricane. and 2011 was a year of survival.

I survived a long wait.

I survived year-round school.

I survived two bitter-sweet goodbyes.

I survived the worst break up. ever.

I survived asking for and receiving help.

I survived rejection.

I survived political science 200

I survived sharing my deepest secret.

I survived growth and change.

I survived healing.

I survived a new beginning.

and I came out on the other side, better, stronger, wiser because of it all.

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