Monday, January 30, 2012



is love.
is redeeming.
is relieving the oppressed.
is pleading for others.
is giving to the poor.
is giving what you have.
is motivation.
is caring.
is loving even your enemies.
is kind
suffereth long.
is persuasion.
can be put on.
is pure religion.
is undefiled.
comes with a pure heart.
abideth with faith and hope.
is brotherly kindness.
is something all me should have.
is succoring those in need.
needs to be remembered.
is everlasting.
is filling.
is helping others.
is lifting other's burdens.
is righteousness.
come from the Holy Ghost.
is humility.
is temperance.
is meekness.
is gentleness.
is genuine.
is the pure love of Christ.

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