Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bruised Knees, Boyfriends, Hotdogs, and Hipsters: Unexplained Mysteries of Life

First, I have a bruise collection. I thought it was more original than collecting postage stamps and toy trains. I also had no choice is this matter because I have no idea where 95% of them come from. Of the twelve I am currently sporting, two are explainable. The rest are a mystery.

2. Let’s be honest, no one really understands boys. They don’t even understand themselves.

3. The only thing in life you learn about hot dogs is to not question them; mostly because if people did, J-dawgs would certainly go out of business.

4. I’ve developed a new hobby of picking hipsters out of the crowd. I have this fascination with hipsters, it’s such a bizarre culture and bold fashion statement that has gone completely mainstream. I mean, true hipsterdom can’t really just include all the kids running around campus in super skinny jeans, flannel, and fake glasses. Definitely not, what posers. But still, hipster and hipsterish hunting is my unexplained entertainment.

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