Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lesson On Patience

I hate waiting...

waiting for my roommates to get out of the shower
waiting for summer to start, or summer to end
waiting for a prayer to be answered
waiting for the commercial break to be over
waiting for the mail to arrive in the afternoons
waiting for my freshly painted fingernails to dry
waiting for the bus (especially when I've already missed it)
waiting for my grilled cheese sandwich to cook and all that delicious white Vermont Cabot cheese in the center to melt
waiting for this headache to go away
waiting for that cute boy who sits next to me in class everyday to ask for my number
waiting for my TA to finish grading my exam
waiting for the interviewer to call me back with a job offer
waiting for water to boil so I can make a cup of tea
waiting for that terrible song on the radio to be over so I can switch back to my favorite station
waiting for the cleaning check lady come to inspect our apartment
waiting for my next flight in an overcrowded airport
waiting for my lunch to digest so I can go for a run
waiting for a missionary to come home

All this waiting, you'd think I need a lesson on patience or something.

I wait for a lot of things. Believe me, it's harder than it sounds. I mean there's really nothing you can do, except sit there. and wait.

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  1. OR... you sit there and wait. And YODEL. I think we're onto something big!