Friday, April 29, 2011

The Roller Coaster of Life

The infamous "they" say that life is like a roller coaster. Life is not like a roller coaster. Life is like one of those teacup rides, the ones that spin you around and around and around until you are so dizzy,you barf. Well, it's really not as unpleasant as it sounds...wait, yes it is. But, there are people who actually enjoy that sort of thing, right? And to be honest, it usually is a lot of fun, up until that moment you are bent over the garbage can. Then, it's just embarrassing because you are puking in public.

This last semester was definitely a whirlwind of life; something that included: too many credit hours to count, a new found passion for rock climbing, an excessive amount of Ben and Jerry's, singing in public, forts on a Saturday night, one beautiful powder day, crowd surfing covered in colored chalk, an amazing season of total domination by our Cougars that play lacrosse, being an extra in a movie, snowstorms in the wrong season, my first road race and run for cancer, the engagement and marriage of my best friend, not enough Muzungu reunions, a small fortune of postage saved by the existence of DHL, meeting Cosmo, hamburgers for breakfast, and spending many long nights in the company of my dear friend, Harold. All part of a crazy ride that ended in a public display of that morning's breakfast.

Like I said, it isn't really a roller coaster... but I enjoy every minute of life spinning in a blur, until the moment when everything comes back up.

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