Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I know what you're thinking, oh boy another blog post about "feelings" original. (not)
what can I say? I'm one of a kind.

My life feels like a huge jumble of incoherent feelings. There are so many inside and outside me; all churning and bubbling to the surface at all the inappropriate times. Some of them are just not so great and others, well, they are just the best feelings in the world:

Like the feeling of sunshine.
or the inability to feel anything with my left-hand fingertips.
those butterflies fluttering in my stomach
the feeling of that smile I can't get off my face.
damp grass tickling my bare feet
and cool concrete after a scorching day
taking a few moments to get to know a stranger
freshly squeezed Orange Juice gulped right from the carton
a hug that lasts a little bit too long
the celebratory green bar across my computer screen
bass turned up just a little bit more
finding a letter in the mail box
the burn as I reach for my toes after a long run
heavy raindrops splattered across my face
my chalked fingers gripping a beautiful granite hold
2am and talking to my Best Friend
eyes closed, head under the pillow

that's enough for one day.

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