Thursday, February 2, 2012

Midnight Rambles

They say you learn something new everyday. Well...I don't know about everyday single day, but I've been learning a lot of things lately.

I learned that my blood type is O+ which makes me a "universal donor". Why? Because there are 4 types of blood. A, B, AB, and O. Type A blood contains anti-bodies to type B. Type B blood contains anti-bodies to type A. Type O blood has antibodies for both A and B. AB doesn't have anti-bodies for type A or type B, making people with type AB blood, "universal recipients. Interesting huh? Although I have no idea what the positive and negative sign means.

I also learned that the security document which implemented U.S. military build up during the Cold War, which lead to the militarization of the Cold War was entitled NSC-68, not 86. And simultaneously learned that I might be slightly dyslexic.

I learned that pasts are inescapable. We may move on from them, learn from them, grow from them, heal from them, even go as far as almost forgetting them. Your past will never let you completely forget it. But, they will always be there. They will always have an effect on you- for better or for worse. Maybe that's all a lesson I've learned in acceptance. Things are the way they are, so I need to learn to appreciate the growth and healing and no longer be afraid.

I learned that there is opposition in all things. Whether it be cars broken down on the side of the road, miscommunications, pains, cancellations, lost mail, or just uncertainty. The things that are the most important and that mean the most are the hardest sometimes to obtain. But if you can smile through the opposition, if you can jump through the extra hoops, even if a little less gracefully, ultimately nothing can stop you.

I learned from my political philosophy class that, ‎"Everything can't submit to reason, not everything has to. Sometimes just being right is reason enough" and I totally agree. Some people call me illogical. They tell me that my reasoning doesn't make sense. Well, sometimes I don't need to follow reason, because I follow my heart.

I learned that my body actually does need sleep, and that it takes over a week to recover from staying up until 4:30 in the morning.

I learned that people come and go all the time. Their significance in your story may not depend on the amount of time they spend with you. Everyone comes in to your life for a reason, and sometimes once they've made their impact, once they've taught you what you needed to know, changed you into what you needed to be, they leave. I still struggle with understanding why they always have to leave, but I am forever grateful for them having been there.

I also learned that we all really just need to say how we feel and what we're thinking. If you keep it all in, no one is ever going to know. Communication is everything. Honestly and honesty.

I learned that sometimes we have to take the first step before we'll find out if we're stepping in the right direction.

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