Sunday, April 29, 2012

Change, but not useless pennies.

There came a moment, sometime in the past few weeks when everything in my life changed.
It all started one night as I sat in the middle of my bedroom floor.  I was the eye of a perfect storm of pictures, clothes, books, accumulated junk and all that lay chaotically around me.  I looked at the mess around me, and focused on the last thing still left in place: the walls, the dreary cement blocks I had artistically, and not so tactfully, plastered with a collage of posters.  I had had my walls decorated with these pictures of famous boarders, gear ads, winter scenery, and neon quotes for the past three years.  Each year a little different, but still the same collection presented in the same way.  I examined closely how they were pasted crooked and overlapping one with another.  My first thought was about the patience it would require to carefully detangle the delegate sheets of paper for a third time, peeling away tape and sticky tack without tearing corners, or what was left of corners.  As I thought about that, I found myself in the middle of a much larger dilemma than the mess of just packing, should I take everything down carefully with the intention of putting them back up, or should I tear everything down and start again fresh.  And as I mulled this over in my mind, I couldn't make a decision.  Then I realized this really had nothing to do with the posters, this was about how my life was about to be dumped upside down.
That's when all this change started:
I took all those posters off of the wall, and didn't put them back up again.
I moved into a new apartment.  Different place, same kind of idea.  With roommates I didn't know.
I'm sharing a room with someone different, my first new roommate since my very first day at BYU.  (I mean, why would you move if you lived with your best friend?)
I'm no longer taking classes, just working full time.  I can't remember the last time I didn't have homework.
I wake up at 6:50 every morning.  That's never happened before.
I have a new job, and a new set of coworkers.
I have free time in the afternoons.
I'm blogging (okay, that's not really different anymore)
I painted my toenails Times Square Tangerine.
I'm learning to cook and successfully added two new dishes to my repertoire this week.
I'm reading a book, just because I can.
I write in a journal.
I wore pants yesterday. all day.
That's just the beginning, I know everything's going to be changing a whole lot more soon.  I'm going to have a different wardrobe, different roommate, going to be speaking a different language and living in a different country.  After all of this, I am going to be a very different person...

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  1. You are such a freaking good writer!!! I LOVE this post! Uggghhh now I feel inspired to blog. ha ha ha :)
    Je t'aime.
    Te amo.
    Nwkwaggala nnyo.

    You are my inspiration. The end.
    And The Beginning.