Friday, April 13, 2012

Joshua Radin Says It Best

I've been contemplating this idea for a little while now...and maybe such a post is perhaps inappropriate.  These are memories that I hold very dear to me, manifestations of how blessed I am, and how incredible the people around me are.  I'm completely spoiled by my friends, I don't deserve everything that they do for me.  Or maybe, I just don't want anyone to be jealous because their friends aren't as cool.
Sometimes I have bad days, sometimes I have good days that are just made a whole lot better.  Here are a few of my favorites:

I was having a really rough week, and my friend has invited me to go up and visit her in Salt Lake for the weekend; I just couldn't do it...I had too much homework and I was too stressed to let myself take the time off and leave everything behind.  She nagged me about my weekend plans ALL week, and I felt terrible! Friday night rolls around and my friend is still calling me trying to find me a ride up to SL.  I had just gotten back from climbing and I was making dinner when she calls me and abruptly hangs up after having me explain that I really can't come.  Two minutes later, another friend is at my door whisking me away on her Boda.  I'm thoroughly confused as to why my dinner is sitting untouched dinner on the kitchen table, and why I'm riding away from it on the back of a motorcycle.  But we end up at a taco shop, with friend number one waiting to surprise me.  She'd been scheming the kidnap all week and came down just because I was having a bad week.

I missed Free Cone Day; the best day of the year in Vermont, where Ben and Jerry's passes out free ice cream cones at their stores.  It's practically a holiday in Vermont, and everyone made it to Free Cone Day at least once in High School, even if it meant missing classes.  We would have teachers take us to Free Cone Day, no one could miss it! Teachers didn't want to miss it either.  Seeing everyone's Facebook statuses about Free Cone Day, made me a little nostalgic, and a little more homesick than normal.  I got home from my days adventures to a box marked special delivery! To: Clara, From: Vermont.  Inside were ice cream cones and little cartons of Ben and Jerry's.

One of my favorite songs for a rainy day is called "Sunshine" by Atmosphere.  If you can get past the interesting beginning, it's really the perfect happy-song.  My favorite line says, "If I could, I would keep this feeling in a plastic jar, bust it out whenever someone's acting hard"  look it up.  My friend brought me a plastic jar, with that line written on the top, and it full of little pieces of paper covered in just lovely little things.  It's brilliant.

Playing the guitar outside, I walked away from my tuner, phone and capo for 2 minutes.  I came back to a carton of Orange Juice covered in rose pedals.  Nothing says love like Orange Juice, and best friends.

My friends make my life beautiful, with cute little notes, surprises, kind acts, long laughs, midnight runs, hugs, and love.  They make me feel special, important, worth it.  And I know it's cliche, but I couldn't do it without them, I wouldn't be here.  My life wouldn't be the same without finding keys under my doormat, having someone's couch to crash on after a long day, yelling across the complex, and just plain being around people that make me comfortable enough to be myself.  So Kudos to you guys! and Thank You for making the world around you such a wonderful place.  You are more than I deserve, but someday I will maybe be as good a friend as you are.

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